Call for Contributions

Submission site (EasyChair) is open: ISOC.PT ANRW 2020


The ISOC.PT Applied Networking Research Work Prize (ANRW Prize) provides the acknowledge from ISOC.PT to the Portuguese Research Community involved in conducting Applied Networking and Internet Research. It is also an initiative providing a forum for researchers, vendors, network operators, and all the ISOC.PT members, where the nominated authors will present their work, conducted in Portugal by Universities, Research Centres and Industrial R&D Labs, encouraging the discussion and fostering possible local cross-community collaborations.

The ISOC.PT ANRW Award is particularly targeted for recognizing relevant and emerging results in applied networking research, aligned with the topics and open problems in the discussion agenda of, IETF and ACM/IRTF forums, including the ACM/IRTF ANRW Internet Society (ISOC) Applied Network Research Workshop. The prize provides a financial support for one person to attend the annual IETF session co-located with the International Applied Network Research Workshop. In addition, members of the award’s scientific committee will provide support for the nominated and awarded work to be disseminated and proposed as a possible invited talk or short paper accepted for presentation in the IRTF ANRW. The next ACM/IRTF ANRW (2020 edition) will take place in Madrid, 27 July 2020, co-located with the IETF 108 Meeting (from 25 to 31 July, 2020).

ANR Workshop and Ceremony Session

The prize will be awarded at a public session in Lisbon (TBA).

Note: As initial reference, the session can be scheduled to the end of May, but given the COVID-19 circumstances the final date and program will be announced as soon as possible.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers describing their research work to the ISOC.PT ANRW Prize. The only compromise of the authors is the availability to present their work in a talk in the Public Award Session. Proposed paper copyrights belong to the authors. The papers will not be published by ISOC.PT. Then the authors are free to publish them later in other venues, in the same format or in extended versions, if they wish. The awarded paper should lead to a talk or a short paper proposal to the International ACM/IRTF ANRW 2020 in Madrid

Topics of Interest

The topics of interest for the ISOC.PT ANRW are te same as defined for the International ACM/IRTF ANWR Workshop in the 2019 Edition and 2000 Editions (available in the following links):

Authors are invited to submit a short paper considering the following topics, written in English, (max. 6 pages, 1 or 2 columns), following the instructions and reference templates below.

  • Applied computer networks and Internet research
  • Development and deployment of new and improved transport protocols, secure protocols and routing protocols
  • Measurement and analysis of existing and new transport protocols, secure protocols, and routing protocols
  • Congestion control for heterogeneous networks
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Novel Internetworking Applications and Services
  • Computer Systems and Network Security
  • Security and privacy in Internet protocols
  • Internet transparency
  • Internet Security
  • Internet Censorship Circumvention
  • Deployment and evolution of DNS, CDNs, anycast, and other wide-area services
  • Measurements and analysis of wide-area privacy risks and remediation
  • Approaches towards decentralizing and democratizing the Internet
  • Internet access in challenging environments
  • Protocols and APIs for new Internet applications
  • Better ways of specifying protocols, including usable techniques for protocol verification
  • Evolution of interconnection, and network management practices
  • Integration of programmable networking into the wide area
  • Interactions between emergent applications and existing network deployments
  • Approaches for wide-area monitoring, root-cause analysis, and debugging
  • New approaches to network management, operations, and control
  • Topics relevant to the standardization activities of related IETF working groups
  • Topics relevant to activity in related IRTF research groups.

Paper Submission Instructions

Site for Paper Submission

Submission site (EasyChair): ISOC.PT ANRW 2020

Paper format templates: short paper, written in English, 6 pages (1 or 2 columns).

Possible reference formats:

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline :
    31/Mar/2020, 23h59 [Portuguese Time. Europe WEST AoE UTC+1] [CONCLUDED]

  • Review Period and Program Committee Decision:
    From 1/Apr/2020 to 15/Apr/2020 [CONCLUDED]

  • Author(s) Notification:
    After 17/Apr/2020 [CONCLUDED]

  • Nomination for Prize (Announcement> :
    20/Apr/2020 [CONCLUDED]

  • Public Session and Award Ceremony: [TBA]